Governors support Chatto’s nat’l incentive for local roads

Gov.+Edgar+ChattoFellow governors across the country  backed Gov. Edgar Chatto’s national incentive scheme for local roads.

The League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) unanimously adopted in a resolution the National Incentive Program for Local Road Management (NIPLRM) otherwise known as Provincial Road Network Development Program (PRDP) hopefully for inclusion in the national budget starting 2016. Gov. Chatto was voted as chairman of the governors’ league’s technical working group to push for the program at all levels of the national government. Continue reading

Bohol scholars get chance in Makati


SCHOLARS. The Boholano scholars presently enrolled at the Makati College of Maritime Leadership Innovation.

For the first time, University of Makati College of Maritime Leadership Innovation (UMak CMLI) accommodates scholars from Bohol.

Third District Rep. Arthur Yap convinced UMak CMLI to send a team to Bohol to open opportunities for those who aspire to pursue a course in Maritime education.

Out of the 34 applicants and after several qualifying rounds, 11 eventually passed and are now enrolled at UMak CMLI in Makati. Continue reading

Asia’s ‘great shadow’ at Sandugo

PENUMBRA“Asia’s Got Talent ” first grand champion El Gamma Penumbra will take the Boholanos to a rare spectacle giving the 2015 Sandugo a memory as restless as the dancing shades of the group that has mastered in shadows a great performing art.

The world-caliber Filipino shadow play group has labeled its identity from two Latin words, gamma and penumbra, which roughly translate to “the ray of light (behind) a man’s shadow.” Continue reading