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Tourists, collectors target in robberies

Some tourists in Panglao and Dauis fell victims to burglars during their stay in the province.

One of them was a 24-year-old Argentinean national identified as Favio Nicola Romano, who was staying at Penpen Bars in Tawala, Pangalo.

Initial investigation showed that the suspect or suspects barged in and at gunpoint, grabbed the macbook worth P52,000 while the victim was using it, and immediately fled.


Another burglary was reported in barangay Danao, also in Panglao, wherein the victims, Jung Dusop, 32, and Lee Hae Kyoung--both Korean nationals--reported to police that

their Sony laptop worth $2,000, one Canon video camera worth $600 and HP brand laptop worth $300 were taken from the room they rented at Nonolita Torres Apartment last Wednesday.

In Dauis, a 46-year-old Italian, Todoschini Stefano, reported to the police that his unit at VDK's Apartment was ransacked.

The main door was already destroyed, leading to the theory that the burglars must have destroyed it using a jack tool, then went inside and took the cash--some in peso currency amount to P30,000 and Euro amounting to €10,000 euro, and assorted jewelry worth P100,000.

A duplex house owned by one Fred Nistal in barangay Mariveles, Dauis was also ransacked.

Police believe the same people did it, based on the manner of gaining entry.

The tenant of the duplex identified as Joy Cubio lost her P2,500 cash and $100, while the occupant of the next door also lost also some cash amounting to P1,500.


It also shocked the city folks to learn that the office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the city was also burglarized.

Initial investigation showed that the burglars entered through one of a window of the conference room and took an Acer laptop worth P35,000 and a Lenovo monitor worth P20,000.

Another government property burglarized was the computer laboratory of the Tagbilaran City Science High School located along Miguel Parras St. where the burglars took one Neo laptop with flat screen monitor worth P25,000 and is owned by one of the teachers of the school, Mernita Palac.


Meanwhile, a suspect in the recent theft in Tagbilaran City admitted it's drugs that pushed him to steal other people's things.

One Jomar Doblas, 28, employee of the City Lodge 3 at Lesage St. in Tagbilaran City further disclosed that he got his supply of drugs from Inabanga.

The suspect admitted that he took the Samsung Corby cellphone of one of their guests in the lodging house in the morning of June 30.

He was nabbed in the vicinity of the City Square at around 4 p.m. last Wednesday where the arresting officers found a sachet of shabu from his pocket during the frisk.

This confirmed the theory of city cops interviewed earlier that the spate of robberies and most of the other criminalities boiled down to drug abuse.

Several other robberies also stirred the city recently and one of the victims 27-year-old supervisor of Pacifica Agrivet Supply, Liezel Laolao, who lost P10,000 when robbed by a lone perpetrator while walking along Venancio Inting Avenue near the blood compact site on a Saturday night the other week.

Another victim was an employee of Park 'n Go Bakeshop, one Maria Cecilia Borja, who was with her co-worker when the incident happened on Tuesday evening last week.

They were walking along Marapao St. when a motor-riding suspect suddenly blocked their way and at gun point, grabbed her bag which contained cash amounting to P45,000.

On the other hand, more incidents of robbery had been recorded in five more towns.

In Ubay, a 60-year-old pensioner identified as Herminigildo Café of barangay Calanggaman was robbed by six armed men with bonnets last Wednesday night.

According to reports the victim and his wife were inside their house when the suspects suddenly barged in with hand guns, bolo and knives and announced a hold-up.

 The suspects hogtied the husband and ordered the wife to give the money. The loot amounted to P150,000 cash. The suspects immediately fled to the dark part of the area.

In Loay, a 35-year-old collector of FCB foundation identified as Joseph Hinghing, married and a resident of barangay Sta. Cruz, Baclayon, was robbed of the collection money amounting to P7,000 to two robbers on Wednesday afternoon last week.

The victim arrived from his daily collection routine from Loboc when chanced by the suspects who robbed him right inside the FCB foundation center.

The suspects were seen fleeing towards Lila town with the loot and his cellphone.

In another robbery in Loay, one Candida Ondap, told the police that she was with friends  in a tricycle driven by George Baluca on their way home to barangay Yanangan when the lone suspect flagged them down and fired a warning shot and forcibly took her bag and cellphone, then fled.

In another incident, the supervisor of Guindulman-based RT Lending, Danny Ugpo, 33, native of barangay Boctol in Balilihan reported to police that he was robbed by two unidentified suspects along barangay Untaga in Alicia.

He told the police that he was on his way home to Guindulman onboard his motorbike when two robbers blocked his way.

The backrider alighted and at gunpoint, snatched his bag which contained P60,000 cash, important documents and cellphones, the fled.

In the town of San Miguel, another collector, Carlos Pesanos of Card Micro-finance, 32, married and resident of barangay Buacao in Clarin town was robbed.

The victim was attending to clients in the residence of one Marissa Gaum in Mahayag, San Miguel when the lone perpetrator entered and at gun point, divested the collection money amounting to P10,000, and the wallets and cellphones of his clients.

The armed man fled towards Ubay.

In Getafe, another collector, 26-year-old Bernardo Luega of the Talibon-based Community Economic Venture was also robbed.

The victim told the police that he was on his way home from a daily collection routine, traveling along barangay Kabasakan in Getafe when two men--one of them clad in camouflage and armed with a pistol of unknown caliber--suddenly emerged from a bushy area and took his bag containing P10,000 cash, important documents and his cellphone.

The suspects took the victim's motorbike and used it as their getaway vehicle.(with reports from Ciel Remolador)

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